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About Us (Background)

Since 2016, the English speaking regions of Cameroon have been plunged in to a serious crisis. What began like a strike action by teachers of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon which comprises of the NW and SW Regions against marginalization has degenerated in to an open conflict. The over 7 year’s conflict has led to human and material loss of lives.

More than 4000 people have lost their lives which include children, women, and men. More than 2000 innocent people have been illegally imprisoned and many families have been displaced.

In terms of material loss, many people`s properties have been destroyed and so many of them have been forced out of their areas and are now leaving like beggars in other towns. Some have escaped to neighboring countries like Nigeria or Chad. Those who cannot move out of the conflict zones have moved to other towns where they are barely surviving.

We currently have more than 700 000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) more than 5000 alone living in the city of Bamenda and most of them leaving in abject poverty. As a result of this, crime wave like kidnapping, prostitution, drug addiction, theft, gender based violence,(GBV) and child labor have drastically increased. This situation is further compounded by the fact that amongst this IDPs we have persons living with disabilities who have basically been abandoned to themselves.

To make matters worse, cost of living has drastically increased whether due to the global economic crises or because of the high level of insecurity which has made it impossible for economic activities to be carried out in this regions.

It is in this context that the Organization for Health Awareness, Community Empowerment and Social Integration (OHACEN) was created. It was registered on the 13th of December 2022 with registration number, NW/GP/04/22/17390 as a Common Initiative Group,( CIG) .However, before their registration, the organization had been active on the field , since the 15th of January 1999, carrying out empowerment activities. The organization is basically a community Based Organization whose area of specialty is in the sections, that is community empowerment, health awareness and social integration.


In collaboration with other organizations and institutions of good will, OHACESIN works to create a better living standard for the vulnerable and persons living with disabilities through livelihood support programs, sensitizations, provision of startup kits, counseling services and health awareness programs.


OHACESIN has as goal to improve on the living standards of the underprivileged which includes women, youths, elderly, IDPs and persons living with disabilities in Cameroon and beyond through self-reliance programs, environmental protection, community development, sensitization, agricultural innovation and research, arts and craft and capacity building measures.


  • Community Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Health Awareness
  • Food Preservation and Transformation
  • Training and Empowerment through workshops and seminars
  • Gender Based Violence Sensitization, Menstrual Hygiene
  • Fight against Drug abuse, prostitution, juvenile deliquency, robbery, indecent dressing and more

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Chi Emmanuel Anye

Delegate of OHACESIN

Health Expert / First Aid Trainer

Ngum Mafor Linda Nji

Treasurer of OHACESIN

Finance / Entrepreneur

Navty Frankline

Secretary General of OHACESIN


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