Health Awareness

Health Awareness Activities

Our Awareness programs are as follow:

Carry out first aid training and provide hospital assistance in the community to help them know how to manage home accidents, on youths women and disables persons. Not forgetting the elderly people.

Host seminars to educate the community on how to prevent common diseases that affects the population at large like, diabetes, gastritis, malaria, sickle cell and hypertension.

Organized talks on stress management, hygiene and sanitation, pollution, waste disposal, environmental hygiene, balance diet, dangers of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Visit orphan, elderly person, hospital and widows to support the have a better standard of living. Participate with other organizations to help carry out research on how to better of the life of the people living in our community.

Other programs include;
  • Practical trainings on first aid and the management of home accidents
  • Ensure the vaccination of children and pets
  • Promote hygiene and sanitation.
  • Fight against youth consumption of hard drugs and alcoholism.
  • Talks on peer pressure and behavioral change.
  • Stress management techniques,
  • Disease control measures( such as respiratory diseases, malaria, STDs, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis amongst others
  • Puberty stage and how to manage it.
  • Menstrual hygiene management.

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