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Volunteering gives you the opportunity to give something back to the community and make a positive impact in the lives of children, young people and adults in the community. Volunteering is rewarding, knowing you are sowing into the future generation. Contact us to find out how you can make an impact too.

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We here at OHACESIN are always open to new volunteers looking to help out in their free time. There are various ways you can volunteer.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers, helping war victims to develope and empower them with skills to a standard that can help them get a new life and start all over from the devastating effects of war. We give the victims including (women, children, ol and the youths) the opportunity to do it themselves, by encouraging them and giving them the tools and guidelines that prompt them to realise they can do it, thereby building their confidence to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude. We have the best team to create outstanding results.

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